Bentley Flying Spur/GT/GTC Performance Upgrade

Bentley Continental GT Power Upgrade + 100 HP and 120 lb/ft torque.

Price: £2,910.00

Part Description

This performance upgrade by GIAC is the first in the world to be flashed through the OBD (Diagnostic) port by laptop computer. No tampering or opening of  electrical components is necessary. A switching device is included for some programs.

Currently the GIAC performance program for the Continental GT® produces an additional 100-114 hp and 120-130 ft-lbs of torque on standard 98 RON pump fuel. Boost is increased from .5 to .9 bar in the mid range and from .5 to .8 in the high RPM. Additionally, throttle delay (fly-by-wire) time is reduced.  During development knock, knock correction, air fuel, boost, and waste gate duty cycle and many other parameters were closely monitored as with all GIAC performance program development.

Finally, the performance upgrade is non-detectable by normal diagnostic methods and is fully reversible. No tampering, opening or removal of any components is required. A 30 day money-back guarantee is also given. Test cars are usually available.

These performance figures were measured at the MIRA Proving Ground on 13th May 2006 at the Bentley Drivers Club – Sprint meeting. Timing carried out by the MSA (Motor Sport Association). Both Continentals were provided and driven by Phantom Motor Cars Ltd.

Date Vehicle    Setup  1st 64ft   Run1   Run2 Terminal speed  Conditions
2005 ‘04 GT std tune 2.62 63.31s 62.19s 86 MPH Dry
2006 ’04 GT GIAC 2.35 58.25s 57.70s 101 MPH Damp