Technical Advice

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The Bentley Continental GT & Continental Flying Spur are highly technical cars. However, they can give extremely reliable service if you take some sensible precautions.


1. Always ensure the main system battery (left hand side of luggage compartment) is in a very good state of charge.  The Bentley GT and FS are extremely greedy when it comes to battery power consumption. It is advised to use a battery charge / conditioner whenever possible to prevent electrical malfunction unless the vehicle is driven regularly over reasonable distances.

2. Ensure “All” body drains are kept clear of debris, particularly the fuel door drain, rear aero-foil drains and the Plenum in front of the windscreen. The plenum drains have a tendency to get chocked with leaf matter and in heavy rain the plenum may collect water which can be detrimental to the electrical systems close by. This is particularly relivent for vehicles parked near trees.

3. Only dedicated “Bentley Supplied” diagnostic computers will correctly and accurately read fault codes. Other devices are likely to give spurious or miss-leading information & reports.