Bentley Turbo RL – 1997 26,000 miles


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Bentley Turbo RL 1997 – Reg. No P771 AWT – Chassis / VIN SCBZP15COVCH59786  – @  26,018 miles


Late-model Bentley Turbo R / RL & RT’s are cars that are seriously undervalued, but only when close to as original condition as when they were new.

Many may own one of these Bentleys, but few will experience how good they really can be. Even low mileage cars suffer from age deteriorations that can greatly detract from the overall operation and user enjoyment as they were when they were new.

Very few cars have had significant works carried out to restore the original specifications of things like steering & suspension geometry as well as other works carried out to refresh them and wind the age clock back.

At best, most will have had only the really obvious and essential works carried out to make them useable. This particular Bentley Turbo RL is not only exceptionally low mileage but has had all the wish list of works (money no object) carried out and therefore places it now in the “Exceptional Condition” category.

This particular car has been subject to a Global Overhaul at the end of 2019 to take into account age deteriorations. The list of works and expenditure is some £ 17,000

Formally in the care of the Late Gary Rhodes.

Exceptional and Time-Warped Condition barely does it Justice.

Sale Price. £ 32,500.oo