Bentley Turbo R 1990



Racing Bentley Turbo R – Specifications to date
Bentley Turbo R in Sherwood Green (Original Magnolia hide interior).
First Registered 1 August 1990. Registration No. H248 CTP (formally ALI 1).
Chassis No. SCBZRO4AOLCH33416. Engine No. 72732L 410I/TEL 6,750 CC.


Mechanical modifications to date. (with approximate retail costs)

  • Mulliner anti-roll bars front and rear 40 % stiffer. # 1496.00
  • Performance brake package (Micro Alloy 320 mm discs) to the front. # 3735.00
  • Continental T wheels 18 X 9.5 # 3500.00
  • Special stiffer lowered (less 50 mm) front coil springs. # 900.00
  • Lowered rear (50 mm) coil springs. # 700.00
  • Deleted active ride. Fitment of Bilstein front shock absorbers and late specification 94 onwards improved top spring plates and shock absorber mounts. # 650.00 if done with springs. Front shock absorbers again changed to the original factory shocks as the Bilsteins were considered too soft.
  • Viscous control differential. # 2284.00
  • Deletion of boost control limiting, to ensure full and continuous max boost available from the current original turbo charger. Later changed to an electronically adjustable boost controller. # 1760.00. Minimum fuel octane rating required is estimated at 102 with 0.9 Bar boost.
  • GM 400 3- speed Pursuit gearbox (Kevlar bands, re-valve with heavy duty clutches and strengthened torque converter) Essential to survive additional power output. # 3000.00
  • AC system removed.
  • Viscous fan removed.
  • Vehicle lightened where possible but still retaining all necessary components to keep the Bentley road legal.
  • Exhaust modification removing rear silencer box.
  • Water injection fitted to the front brake discs to help prevent overheating

Cosmetic modifications.

  • Mesh stone guards (grills) to the front radiator and lower front spoiler. # 2000.00
  • Mesh grill to the rear lower apron. # 500.00
  • Wing vents to the front wings. # 2000.00
  • Arnage flush fitting oval front wing indicator repeaters.
  • Rear seating removed. Light weight front seating fitted.
  • All components removed from the doors. Carbon Fibre panels to the doors and dashboard.